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What a man wants during live sex show

Secrets of live cam sex on the Internet

Unless it is not wonderful to live in a century of the Internet? The world is more interconnected, than ever before that allows to support easily bonds between the cities, the states, and even continents! And ways which were not possible earlier. And, you should not pine any more with melancholy for the little girl who went to study to other city. You have an Internet! And virtual sex already surprises nobody, and becomes for some already a little regular and common.

Perhaps, the most revolutionary technology which changed live virtual sex — is Skype. The program allows to communicate in a chat with video in real time. You can hear and see your soulmate that opens almost unlimited opportunities for sexual pastime and sexual imaginations during virtual sex. It as though you are two — in leading roles in own porn movie for two.

But, as the Spiderman told: with a big force heavy responsibility, and Skype sex, as well as any virtual sex comes, is not an exception. If you are going to participate in this show on the computer screen, is, of course, it to make the correct and wrong ways.

Here some things which you have to think over before beginning a video call.

Check a background

It first of all concerns men. Think if the first, what you see on the screen there will be a sheet with spots of blood of your girlfriend, probably your sexual tone quickly will start going down? Truth? But the girl will never allow it. So why you did not hide the dirty socks?

The same way, you should tidy up your room at least a little before leaving online. Any woman will not be able to feel sexual when that she sees the first, will be your dirty clothes which are “accurately” thrown on the best hanger chair, a box from under pizza, empty bottles and even a full ashtray. You want that she looked at you, but did not consider that this such red lies on your bed in the left corner of the screen. So for a start tidy up a little, at least in the camera zone “defeats”.

And put yourself in order too

One of important rules of virtual sex on Skype, understanding of that if sex was the movie, Skype sex would be a trailer. Therefore, you have to show it goods (yourself) in the best possible way as if you actually met. For a start it is simple … be washed. Put on a fresh shirt. Brush hair. You have to look presentably. The secret in exciting it so that when you at last meet, it will be powerless against her own desires and itself will break at once from you clothes. Well, at least such is your plan.

Because the photo in which the woman in underwear undoing a skirt was represented was not approved by the Google company, look at a bolt and a nut and include the imagination!

Rehearse expression of your person at an orgasm

Oh, My God, I for the first time saw how my person looks during an orgasm … Horror, horror! When you test an orgasm, your person will be (will be, but not can be will) accept the silliest, strange and idiotic expression which you could only imagine. When people actually have sex, it is not of great importance because there and very much that else occurs so nobody will begin to pay attention to the person, but during sex on Skype? Your girl will hardly be delighted if your eyes meet to a nose bridge.

Practice at a mirror, and it is even better in front of the camera because at midpoint you can close eyes and not see the look during an orgasm.

Rehearse that you are going to tell,

If you repeat, “oh, it is so sexual!”, “oh, it is so sexual!”, “oh, it is so sexual!” “oh, it is so sexual!” …. (or “Ya, ya, das ist fantastisch!”) many times in a row, it will begin to bother your partner, and to try think up sexual phrases under way can be difficult. To read verses or jokes at this moment ridiculously, but it is not productive.

Prepare some phrases which can be alternated that your sex scenario did not become uniform, or is even worse, too silly.

Because the photo in which the girl in underwear was represented was not approved by the Google company, look at a nut and a bolt with a washer and include the imagination!

And for the sake of everything, lock the door!!!

There is nothing more humiliating than when someone rushes into the room when you naked with the excited body near the screen, and your girl shouts, “that happened”, what happened”?!!! You do not want that someone except you saw it naked, and believe me, it is the latest thing which she wants. It will never leave in Skype with you again if somebody sees it on the screen therefore, please, gather and convinced that the closed display such and remains.

That’s all! Pleasant sessions in Skype if you adhere to these councils for virtual sex, both of you with guarantee derive from it pleasure!

Get to know homosexuals using live sex cams

If you have never had any interaction with homosexuals, we have an interesting journey for you where you have a chance to meet lesbian and gay couples and chat with them.

lesbian cam

This is where live sex cams kicks in, it’s a way for adults to have webcam sex using internet. Today this is a great feature to use every day as our world is moving so fast that we don’t have time to get to know other people more, that you meeting lesbian girls is simple as there are plenty of them online on any better quality webcam chat site, and one of the leading is Livejasmin and a free one with more sexual intent is usually very busy gay video chat rooms with nudity, these two examples are live cam sites and now to lead you what you have to do to find gays and lesbians is to go to any of them and pick appropriate category to see the list of online performers. Usually it’s easy as you can see all categories lined up in the front page and other times you have to do few additional clicks to find full category list, but the fun part that cam girl selection is huge in both categories, however you can find way more lesbian girls comparing to gay couples who are willing to be fully open in private with you.


I think that every person who has doubts about homosexuality should chat with them using webcam if he is afraid to hit on them in real life and start a conversation, you will see that they are people just like you and me with own fears and insecurities. They are open to tell you about sexual life they are having and of course you can watch all that in private if you decide to go a paid cam feature where you pay for the access to live cam show where they are naked and having sex while you can watch it all and talk to them using computer.

Gay-Lesbian Love Lyrics

The love is unfortunate and difficult always.
When the gay and the lesbian fall in love,
After all disgust of a difference of floors,
The booze will not be able to overcome even!

They lie in embraces of each other,
Suffering cruel hole of a flour,
He remembers sadly the friend’s lips,
It girlfriends tender hands….

Men for it – one freaks,
All women to nausea are opposite to it,
They forever slaves to the nature
And only in a one-cavity are active!

Their sad eyes appeal to us:
“We love! Help us people!”
But we know that they cannot be helped,
To the floor will only pull them!!!

As there is a wish fallen in love by that to help
Once to win against the nature that,
That in the love to them to overcome
To cross floors forbidden line!

To science to recognize those laws,
That as well as all of them would fall in love,
CLONES could help, likely, very much,
But forbade to study them strictly!!!

How about some tolerance
homosexual tolerance

Now became it seems as fashionably in any liberal and already not only mass media to provide a place to any sexual minorities. Here already there was a community LGBT (Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgender). Members of this community already give interview, teach in total lives, though, frankly speaking, their place, at least, in a mental hospital, and organizers of all this gay sex show, as at most, on live webcams.

homosexual tolerance

I at all not the homophobe. Frankly speaking, I think, has to be everything absolutely in parallel with whom Mischa sleeps: with Andy or with Lena. But when in ours
to the country there are any organizations which directly propagandize the nonconventional the relations when the Internet is overflowed with resources of the gay contents, there is a question – whether it is accidental?! Whether it is accidental that during ten years any western funds also sponsored training in “the tolerance environment” some thousands of journalists in our country, which now, literally, to a shit will tear, slightly who will touch “nonconventional”?! Whether it is accidental, as the same organizations minorities sexual and other there either directly, or indirectly through grants are sponsored from any “tolerant” western funds?!

Yes, I am the tolerant person, but I do not believe in accidents. When I look at gay parades, the first question which I ask myself – “As such in general, could allow?”. A pancake, I like girls. But I for some reason do not want to pass with a banner “I love Alex” on to Mira Avenue. Why “to advertise” the gay lesbian relations so
there is a wish “nonconventional”?! That the authorities everywhere in our country forbid gay parades are, I think, their most correct decision from all the others! All these “gay parades”, the LGBT party, etc. is a direct destruction our culture, our nation!

Actually so-called “nonconventional” in our society it is not enough. Approximately as much, how many and the people suffering autism. But why so actively there is a promotion of this deviation? The biggest problem what to be the gay or the lesbian in certain circles became already it seems as is fashionable an admission to the world of Bohemia. And this stereotype diligently is implemented in a brain of simple inhabitants through the mass culture created by Hollywood. And those who considers in a different way, call not tolerant. In the USA in general can to condemn.

So I simply do not understand one… Why it is so strong this most LGBT to propagandize itself? From where they have on this promotion money?! Why some “liberal” mass media so actively stand up for “opposite”, slightly only where the unfortunate gay will be called or gay parade will be forbidden?! Probably, it not just like that. And tens of thousands of people who became associates of LGBT simply because it abruptly – too is not accidental. It would be time already and to take measures…