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It’s a free world for everyone and we have the right to choose who to love and have sex with on webcam or in real life.

Right after departure of the Pope back to Vatican the U.S. President Barack Obama made the tough prevention to Christians, having told that all their attempts of upholding of religious freedoms in fight against the rights of homosexuals and lesbians will not be crowned with success.

“We protect a freedom of worship and with great respect we treat religious traditions. But it would be desirable to tell unambiguously that religious freedom does not allocate us with power to deprive of our American fellow citizens of their constitutional rights”, – Obama during the speech to representatives of LGBT community on a charity event of Democratic party in New York last Sunday declared.

During this action which received the proud name “Celebration of LGBT Community”, the president of the United States repeatedly reminded of what his administration made unknown progress in business of recognition of the rights of representatives of sexual minorities.

Obama emphasized need of recognition of that the part of the population of the country is still dissatisfied with legalization of same-sex “defects” and that has to pass some time before these citizens agree with the absolute majority supporting such unions.

“Though we respect original interests of the religious organizations, but have to avoid those politicians who keep new shape of discrimination for the sake of receiving additional votes on elections. Not so it is necessary to conduct America forward!” – Obama told, hinting at some republicans suggesting to prohibit same-sex “defects”.

The head of state assured that each U.S. citizen irrespective of the sexual orientation is protected by the law “About the Prevention of the Crimes Committed because of Hatred” adopted in the first year of its presidency. This law as Obama reminded, in particular, forbids federal contractors to dismiss the employees only that they are gays or lesbians.

Obama with pride assured the audience that will not weaken efforts in protection of the rights of gays. Representatives of LGBT community the president urged to store vigilance, not to be given and win new victories.

“America is done by the special nation with that though we sometimes also move in zigzag fashion, but the hope all the same eventually wins. And there is it only thanks to that such people as you, hotly get down to business and move forward in the chosen direction”, – Obama concluded, addressing to LGBT community.

The edition notes that the flame speech of Obama repeatedly interrupted bursts of applause and approving exclamations.

It is worth reminding that about a month ago the district clerk Kim Davies from the State of Kentucky spent some days in prison that refused to grant marriage licenses to both homosexual, and heterosexual couples after legitimization of same-sex “defects” over all country by the U.S. Supreme Court. K. Davies then declared that, being the believing Christian, will never be able to recognize the same-sex unions as “defects”.

Freedom is equal for everyone including homosexuals.