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Boycott Houston

Gay-Lesbian Love Lyrics

The love is unfortunate and difficult always.
When the gay and the lesbian fall in love,
After all disgust of a difference of floors,
The booze will not be able to overcome even!

They lie in embraces of each other,
Suffering cruel hole of a flour,
He remembers sadly the friend’s lips,
It girlfriends tender hands….

Men for it – one freaks,
All women to nausea are opposite to it,
They forever slaves to the nature
And only in a one-cavity are active!

Their sad eyes appeal to us:
“We love! Help us people!”
But we know that they cannot be helped,
To the floor will only pull them!!!

As there is a wish fallen in love by that to help
Once to win against the nature that,
That in the love to them to overcome
To cross floors forbidden line!

To science to recognize those laws,
That as well as all of them would fall in love,
CLONES could help, likely, very much,
But forbade to study them strictly!!!