Boycott Houston

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Boycott Houston

How about some tolerance

Now became it seems as fashionably in any liberal and already not only mass media to provide a place to any sexual minorities. Here already there was a community LGBT (Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgender). Members of this community already give interview, teach in total lives, though, frankly speaking, their place, at least, in a mental hospital, and organizers of all this gay sex show, as at most, on live webcams.

homosexual tolerance

I at all not the homophobe. Frankly speaking, I think, has to be everything absolutely in parallel with whom Mischa sleeps: with Andy or with Lena. But when in ours
to the country there are any organizations which directly propagandize the nonconventional the relations when the Internet is overflowed with resources of the gay contents, there is a question – whether it is accidental?! Whether it is accidental that during ten years any western funds also sponsored training in “the tolerance environment” some thousands of journalists in our country, which now, literally, to a shit will tear, slightly who will touch “nonconventional”?! Whether it is accidental, as the same organizations minorities sexual and other there either directly, or indirectly through grants are sponsored from any “tolerant” western funds?!

Yes, I am the tolerant person, but I do not believe in accidents. When I look at gay parades, the first question which I ask myself – “As such in general, could allow?”. A pancake, I like girls. But I for some reason do not want to pass with a banner “I love Alex” on to Mira Avenue. Why “to advertise” the gay lesbian relations so
there is a wish “nonconventional”?! That the authorities everywhere in our country forbid gay parades are, I think, their most correct decision from all the others! All these “gay parades”, the LGBT party, etc. is a direct destruction our culture, our nation!

Actually so-called “nonconventional” in our society it is not enough. Approximately as much, how many and the people suffering autism. But why so actively there is a promotion of this deviation? The biggest problem what to be the gay or the lesbian in certain circles became already it seems as is fashionable an admission to the world of Bohemia. And this stereotype diligently is implemented in a brain of simple inhabitants through the mass culture created by Hollywood. And those who considers in a different way, call not tolerant. In the USA in general can to condemn.

So I simply do not understand one… Why it is so strong this most LGBT to propagandize itself? From where they have on this promotion money?! Why some “liberal” mass media so actively stand up for “opposite”, slightly only where the unfortunate gay will be called or gay parade will be forbidden?! Probably, it not just like that. And tens of thousands of people who became associates of LGBT simply because it abruptly – too is not accidental. It would be time already and to take measures…