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How Lesbian Girls Have Sex

Sexual games of lesbians are in many respects similar to normal intimate relations of the man and woman. In comparison with sex of heterosexual couples the lesbian love is more emotional and bright, sensual and passionate. And in general – the same caress of erogenous zones, the same emotions and voluptuous shouts, embraces also I will kiss, strokings of a body. As well as heterosexual women, lesbians love caress of a breast and nipples, stimulation of a clitoris. As well as for women of traditional orientation, the prelude is important for lesbians, can be even more.

It is important to understand that lesbians love partners also passionately as the woman can love the man, and often these feelings stronger, not giving in to any accepted description. All this leaves a mark and on sexual life of lesbian couples.


It would seem, the woman has no most important that is considered to be the tool for achievement of an orgasm – a penis. This general delusion. Lack of a penis does not deplete intimate life of the female lesbian at all, and on sensuality and power of feelings lesbian sex can compete with traditional sex. There is a mass of positions which women’s vapors choose intuitively, regularly having sex with the girlfriend. Often lesbian couple manages to reach a simultaneous orgasm that it is not always possible also to heterosexual couples.

Lesbian sex – the peculiar complex system improved by the modern sex industry, adaptations, but even without various simulators and substitutes is possible the dizzy sex crowning a rough orgasm. Many lesbians simply do not recognize application of dildos, vibrators, vaginal balls and other adaptations, preferring to bring each other to a pleasure pica exclusively own body. For many it is a question of the principle, a question psychological. Other category does not refuse use of sexual toys, and also considers that the best sex and cannot be imagined. Let’s get acquainted with small part of known positions.

Merge Of Bodies

So the lesbian sexual position at which bodies of both partners intertwine among themselves is called. At this one girl reclines from above in the same way, as in a classical pose of the missionary accepted at heterosexual couples. There is an essential difference: each section of a body participates in process, everything vibrates and coils, and clitorises of partners rub the friend about the friend, causing the strongest sexual excitation which most often logically comes to an end with a simultaneous orgasm. While wet genitals of partners concern each other, stimulate, rub, girls caress each other nipples, passionately kiss, cover with kisses of a foot, hand, the partner’s neck, bringing each other into a condition of ecstasy. Both feel that inside just about something will blow up, – excitation in this sexual position is so strong.

This sexual pose was fallen in love to many lesbians who do not recognize in sex of the leader and conducted, active and passive. Are in this position of the girl as equals, at the same time reaching ecstasy and exciting the girlfriend. Partners cross feet so that they reminded edges of scissors, and genitals densely nestle to each other. From this position there was a term of “scissor sisters” that in transfer means sisters scissors.

Manual Stimulation

The main activator and stimulator in lesbian intimate contacts are tactile feelings. Lesbians long iron and caress each other hands, gently or intensively, do massages on all body and in the most intimate places, bringing the partners to strong sexual excitation. When the partner starts groaning from desire, the girlfriend gets fingers into her vagina and continues to excite. At first easy manipulations, gentle touches which gradually amplify, become more intensive are usually made. It is so possible to continue till the most peak moment, before achievement of an orgasm by the partner. It is possible to pass to other forms of continuation of game before full sexual discharging. Such sexual form is loved not by all lesbian girls, this business of personal preferences of each couple.

Sorcery Of Fisting

More powerful tool of excitation for those couples which love manual manipulations – a fisting. Many feel pleasure from penetration into a vagina of a fist of the partner.

This sexual practice demands the maximum care and sensitivity, tenderness and tactfulness, and also time. That process went competently and correctly, without serious consequences and without effects, it is necessary to enter very carefully into the partner’s vagina a palm which fingers are densely compressed. After that when the opened palm already is inside, it can be squeezed in a fist. Such sequence of manipulations is capable to give the maximum pleasure to the woman, without having caused thus internal injuries, without having brought pain. The fisting is such sexual form at which the girl lesbian shouts from pleasure, receives a strong orgasm.

Pleasures Of Oral Sex

Most often two women satisfy each other with oral sex. Fondly to think that oral sex – the only method which lesbians for mutual satisfaction use. But the most part of sexual caress is necessary after all on anal and a cunnilingus. Lips and language caress the partner on all space of a body, and not just in intimate zones. Caressing language the partner’s clitoris, the girl constantly changes the speed, intensity of language stimulation, occasionally comes off the treasured button that it cooled down a little, gradually moves to a vaginal slot. Oral sex lasts quite long time because it is not enough two-three minutes for receiving pleasure by the girlfriend. In traditional sex of the man, as a rule, do not maintain the necessary time, quickly are tired, believing that time for a prelude has enough. And only the woman can understand the woman, give her a true pleasure, understanding all her feelings. Many lesbians, comparing oral sex which is given them by the partner, with man’s oral sex, forever turn away from sex with men. Male caress seems to them faded and dim in comparison with what are rendered by the partner.

Pose 69

One of the most effective lesbian poses – 69. In this pose without all adaptations of the lesbian reach a rough orgasm, often the simultaneous. During caress of the partner can be interchanged the position, play, be rolled that gives them incomparable pleasure, and also feeling of liberation and freedom. Here role-playing games, experiments, a combination are pertinent. Especially bright feelings are felt by both partners, having sex in such position if it occurs in front of a big mirror or in an environment of mirrors, fixing of a mirror and on a ceiling is possible. According to many women of this orientation, a pose 69 – one of the most pleasant and dizzy. As well as at oral sex, duration of sexual contact the long.

Mutual Masturbation

When both partners are engaged in self-excitation, masturbation, it extremely excites both. And usually this technique is always applied in a combination with other forms of satisfaction. Girls kiss, apply “rocking of bodies”, help each other. Sometimes they masturbate not themselves, and each other, at the same time stimulating a clitoris and a vagina, thus kissing and caressing language of a pacifier of the partner.

Vaginal & Anal Penetration

At this technique various sexual toys, strap-ons, dildos are applied. Sometimes girls apply sexual accessories in the form of shorts with the artificial penis which is rigidly fixed on them. In this case one girl plays a male role, imitating heterosexual sex then other girl puts on shorts with a penis and satisfies the partner. This technique is pleasant not to all lesbians. But artificial phalli, anal and vaginal balls of the lesbian are loved not less, than by female-heterosexuals. But alone the real lesbian will never begin to play with the vibrator, only together with the girlfriend.

Sexual toys of the lesbian apply anal and vaginal sex. They are individual and intimate means which do not give to girlfriends and use only personally. After each application of a toy carefully wash and sterilize. Put on condoms artificial phalli, sometimes with nozzles, hillocks or short moustaches. All this depends on personal preferences and tastes.

The main charm of lesbian sex consists that in the course of sexual games between partners all body without exception works. The brightest orgasm is possible from stimulation of any point of a female organism. Each woman has features of a structure, the internal device, and partners feel huge pleasure from search on a body of the partner of the most sensitive points, from opportunity to give it pleasure. All body of the female lesbian in certain circumstances represents a continuous erogenous zone.

Speaking about lesbian sex, it must be kept in mind that, as a rule, the sexual relations between two women always assume deeper communication, than physical. For this reason, according to psychological features of the woman, such relations can be long, strong and mysterious for strangers to whom it is not let know it.