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Sexual Freedom

sexual freedomIt is amusing that change of sexual partners at us persistently is associated with the word “freedom” – “sexual freedom”. At the same time – anti-Utopias “Brave New World” and “We” – change of sexual partners connect two most famous novels of the 20th century about the future of mankind with UNFREEDOM. In both books the system suppressing the identity of the person means destruction of personal fidelity, “a sexual instinct” from everyone’s “outdated sentimentalities” and constant change of sexual partners.

In “We” coercion very rigid: there is a distribution of sex on a rationing system. Masha – here was pleasant to you a card on several copulation with Masha. In exchange Masha has the right to copulate with the pleasant John. Freedom, equality, brotherhood, so to speak. You think, just sick imagination of the writer? An, no. Bolsheviks, it appears, tried and to liberate the people so. Read only this sweet opus about “free love”:

“In 1918 in Vladimir there was a decree saying: “After 18-year age any maiden appears state ownership. Any maiden who reached 18-year age and did not marry is obliged to be registered on pain of strict collecting and punishment in bureau of “free love” at a contempt commissariat. The “free love” registered in bureau the option of the man aged from 19 up to 50 years is granted to itself in the spouse’s cohabitants. The option from among maidens is granted as well to men. To choose the husband or the wife it is provided to persons interested of times a month. Men aged from 19 to 50 are granted an option of the women registered in bureau, even without consent to that of the last for the benefit of the state. The children who came from such cohabitation come to property of the republic”

(Harchev A. G., Braque and a family in the USSR M the Thought, 1990 – 367 pages – Page 133)

The forecast given in the book “Brave New World” was closer than our capitalist reality: there management of the person happens not through direct coercion, and through any manipulations. And there, if you, speaking to present language, “meet” the same person more than three months, then it is considered silly, backward and causes suspicion. In a word, the happy society swimming in the sea of free sex. Your obligations, a family – continuous pleasures. And any backward prejudices. Any attachments.

As at Dostoevsky in “the Great Inquisitor“:

 “Oh, we will allow them and a sin, they are weak and powerless, and they will love us as children for the fact that we will allow to sin with it”.

That is actually the idea of “free love” is connected with the fact that something special is taken away from the person, personal, unique to make him by a part of weight which can easily be manipulated. Personal fidelity, personal love as accessory of the Personality, Person from capital letter is destroyed.

The person is given a heap of substitutes at choice that he did not choose something only standing at all. The person is given a heap of arguments on the fact that he an animal that he did not behave as the Person at all. Members of ours of “the marvelous new world” are given infinite Freedom to sin not to allow them to Freedom from a sin at all.