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The best gay cam sites to watch cams and chat

If there is one thing that most of us wish for in life, it’s to be able to have sex with another person. Unfortunately not everyone gets this opportunity each day but if you are a Gay man or woman who has never had an experience like this before, then I would say good luck to you! There are many reasons why someone may choose not to have sex; some men are very shy around women while others are just too busy working or studying. For those of us who do want to try out having sex again after so long, we need somewhere safe to go online and find other guys who share our same interest as ourselves. This is when the Internet comes into play. The World Wide Web provides thousands upon thousands of websites all over the world full of horny gay males ready to hook up and get down right now. If you’re looking for something different from your normal everyday routine, these are the places to check out today.

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First off let me explain what exactly is meant by “Gay Cam Sites”. Basically they offer webcams which allow users to view other male members either through their own video feed or through text chats, dig deeper to read the best gay livesex cam sites guide which will help to make a decision on what you want from cams and pick a few that will suit you best. These chat rooms often consist of hundreds of users chatting at any given time. Most times you will see naked guys (or sometimes even fully clothed) moving about the room doing whatever sexual activity tickles their fancy that particular night. Some sites also feature shows such as porn stars giving demonstrations showing how to perform certain acts or maybe strippers dancing for tips? It really depends on the type of site and its owner. You’ll notice that most of them tend to have similar features in common though. They provide both audio and video feeds allowing you to hear and see everything going on inside the room(s). As well, they usually come equipped with text chat programs accessible via your favorite browser. One more interesting fact about these types of sites is that although they cater specifically towards gays, there are plenty of straight people using them as well. Why? Well because they love watching hot chicks getting down sexually themselves…but don’t tell anyone else!

So now that we’ve gone over what makes these sites special, lets take a look at some of the top gay webcam sites currently operating. is another new site that recently came onto the scene. Since launching in 2007, it quickly became popular due to its user friendly interface and incredible selection of sexy performers. Similar to Cam 4men, Hot Naked Guy’s main focus is on filming college student amateurs and stripping professionals acting naughty. Unlike Cam 4men, Cam Boys does not host weekly sex parties or events. But what it lacks in quantity it makes up for in quality. Their performances are shot professionally and edited beautifully providing a better viewing experience than most of the bigger names.

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Chatterbate Gay – was founded back in 2003 and since then has grown exponentially. Like Cam 4men, Chatterbate focuses mainly on producing original content rather than rehashing old material. So instead of relying on pre-recorded footage, they produce their own movies featuring exclusive boys who are completely exposed for the first time ever. Not only that, but they also include regular updates adding fresh content monthly. This alone is reason enough to visit BoyTown. However, unlike Cam 4men, BoyTown’s primary market seems to be adult oriented females rather than males. That being said, it still contains a decent amount of hardcore gay action that should satisfy almost anybody.

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LiveJasmin is yet another newly introduced website to the gay webcam niche. While still relatively young, it has been growing steadily gaining popularity throughout Europe and America. When compared against older established competitors, it doesn’t seem quite as impressive as much as it once did. But overall it remains a fantastic option for finding hot gay dudes eager to please. Of course, like the majority of the sites featured here, it also incorporates lots of beautiful ladies who prefer to sit back and relax during their shoot. And speaking of relaxing, if that sounds appealing to you, make sure to check out Live Jasmine’s amazing relaxation mode available on select cameras.

Cam4Men – Just launched in 2006, Cam 4 Men is probably the newest website of choice among the rest. With a clean interface design and easy navigation options, Cam 4men offers high quality videos along with great customer service making it a solid contender amongst the competition. It includes a wide variety of categories including Chaturbate, BoyChat, BarelyThere, and more. What stands out about Cam 4men however is its unique approach to creating content within their network. Instead of simply offering photos and pictures of models posing nude, they actually film real amateur college students performing explicit scenes for their viewers. In addition, they only use professional models whose faces are covered with masks. Another cool aspect of Cam 4men is that they host parties every week called “Sex Parties” where you can join up with other guys and girls and watch private shoots together. On Sex Party nights, you can enjoy drinks, food, and entertainment and participate as part of the show yourself. All in all Cam 4men is definitely worth checking out if you haven’t already.


Now that you know what these sites are about, its time to move onto learning how to use them properly. First of all, remember that privacy is important. Don’t give away personal information or reveal anything about your location unless absolutely necessary. Also keep in mind that there are millions of strangers lurking across the globe waiting to talk dirty to you. Keep things simple and flirtatious whenever possible. Lastly, always maintain safety precautions. Never meet anyone offline without taking extreme measures to protect yourself. Always travel in groups, wear condoms, avoid public transportation, etc. We hope you enjoyed our review of the hottest gay cam sites on the net! Now go forth and explore the perverted side of sexuality with reckless abandon!