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13 rules of gay anal sex

13 simple rules which will be prompted to you from where to begin, where to continue, where to finish and how to derive a maximum of pleasure from anal sex with the favorite guy, it’s interesting because we asked gay webcam models to share what they like and came to conclusion with these simple rules.

1. Until AIDS problem is solved, always use condom. Only one case of the unprotected sex can acquaint you with sores for the rest of life.

2. Plentifully use the greasing substances on a water basis or a silicone basis. Oils and Vaseline quickly reduce the protective force of a condom. You can apply the greasing substance both inside, and outside, however inside put greasing only on a condom tip, differently it can easily slide off, having left you unprotected, and to feel inside – whether on the place a condom of your partner or not, you just will not be able. If your “working” partner noticed sharp increase of the taken pleasure, there is every chance to assume that the condom slipped or became torn, stop and check immediately. Waves of desire will overflow you, however if you do not make it, there are no security guarantees.

3. The best active partner for the first time – someone, already having experience. If you have to feel for the first time the man in yourself, then it is better when your partner has a long thin penis, length will facilitate its maintaining, and small diameter will reduce a possibility of pain Romantic and slow approach of the person whom you know, and it is even better whom you love, will work much better.

4. Do not hurry! Begin with one finger, processing an anus the greasing substance if only you have not extremely thinned penis, wait until the anus of your partner is able to accept two fingers before trying to enter the member. When you put it on use, moving a penis forward and back on millimeter, gradually lay the way deep into. Your partner has to tell you when he wants that you continued to move ahead inside. There were doubts – do it more slowly.

5. Use positions which will allow your partner to interrupt easily the anal act if you suddenly began to show excessive ambition.

6. Though it, maybe, and not a problem for beginners (even if not plus), but if you have, actually, small penis in relation to an anus of your friend, it is possible to strengthen content, using one of the following four positions:

  • the partner lies face downwards with the knees tightened to a stomach and the raised back that raises buttocks to the back and opens the maximum access to an anus when your partner lowers the back, it will squeeze the entered penis,
  • your partner lies on a stomach, you climb up its back, enter a penis and in process consistently change the angle of introduction of a penis on 90 ° from a vertical position in horizontal,
  • your partner lays down on a back, having raised legs to you on shoulders, you raise the back of the friend and enter it in front (the pillow under buttocks will help you) Changing the angle of introduction of a penis, you can regulate impact on a prostate gland of your partner,
  • your partner lays down facedown, having tightened one knee as it is possible closer to a breast, another having taken aside at the extended and slightly bent leg approach behind is open.

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7. If the penis entered into you begins to hurt, your natural reaction desire will be dense to squeeze an entrance to an anus. If you act this way, it will strain anal muscles and will bring severe pain. Instead relax anal muscles, try to push out with a force a penis from yourself as if making an effort, and at the same time all over move forward, as if “acting” from a penis. Too fast sex will not deliver you anything pleasant. Therefore, wait for second two before being disunited with your friend.

8. Know what to do and what is not welcome by your partner. To gain more experience use Cameraboys to chat with fellow boys about what is appropriate and what is not. Don’t forget to always communicate with your sex partner. Watch for his body language during sex and take actions accordingly if you feel that he is uncomfortable. We recommend to chat with more experienced gay boys so you know more how to have sex. This will take your nervousness away and boost confidence.

9. Some love the maximum pressure upon the entered penis, and you can give more pleasures to your partner, squeezing an anus. Others prefer minimum and can ask you to weaken completely an anus, allowing to get as it is possible more deeply. The third derive pleasure if you muscle of an anus try to push out them outside to learn what most of all makes your friend, try all three approaches. At the same time, as a rule, men with trimming prefer strong pressure on the member Besides, generally the thicker penis skin, the it needs bigger pressure.

10. The simultaneous orgasm is easily achievable the main idea is that when your “working” partner approaches achievement of an orgasm, you stimulate the own member, or he does it for you, using a little greasing substance before receiving full satisfaction. The combination of impact on a penis and a prostate gland at the same time will bring you to pleasure top in only a few seconds.

11. Your partner derives pleasure from contact of the member with an anus. You derive pleasure, mainly, from contact of a penis with a prostate gland and impact on separate parts of a rectum (the prostate gland is before a rectum). Before an orgasm it increases to the ball sizes for golf. It is one more reason of why the simultaneous orgasm is easily achievable as it puts the additional pressure upon the entered penis.

12. Do not hurry! But, if you already got inside and everything is weakened reasonably, you can work with such fury which suits you, though with a small opportunity to cause to your friend unpleasant feelings. Sex is fine when the body gets of you the best and begins to move in the natural rhythm. Be not frightened when it occurs – just enjoy a mad gallop.

13. Do not talk or even chit chat! Even if signals “quicker – more slowly” are given in body language Nothing so quickly destroys sexual pleasure as a nervous talk. Act, you rustle, but only you do not say the connected offers. Allow to keep silent to your all-knowing mind, and a body – to seize completely you. Ideally it is better to do it with guys who speak other languages. And then it is not important at all how many and what they speak about – everything that you understand, this emotional filling which does not distract you the literary contents. Trite chatter brings some, but can discourage others completely to something. I would suggest you to avoid it at first.